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Posted by DjK31 - January 3rd, 2009

Recently I joined a record label by Kita Khyber called BitFlight Records. I released the albums Spectrum WIP and XAGILAX - The EP, which includes an extended version of VINES, a new version of PENTAGRAM, and a remastered and extended BB Remix.

The music is totally free (inb4 unsigned) and you can download my stuff and Kita Khyber's at http://bitflight.awardspace.com.

Posted by DjK31 - December 6th, 2008

I know my Spectrum and Chrome albums are being delayed for lazy reasons, but I am planning on a new EP called Timelypse, which will consist of 3 songs with different genres. The first one, Ante Meridiem is up. The songlist is as follows:

Ante Meridiem - Trance
Post Meridiem - Gabba
The 25th Hour - (not sure yet)


Posted by DjK31 - August 11th, 2008

EDIT: Update

It seems like my first album is close to being released :D

Bad news though, I quit Poison Ivy and the album title, and thought of two albums: "Spectrum" and "Chrome". "Spectrum" will include songs by DjK31 (Trance), and "Chrome" will include songs by XAGILAX and Exphilgm (Hardcore/Breakcore).

Songs that might be in "Spectrum":

Dyslexia [Remastered]
Black Ice
Dimentia V
Schranz Delta (Extended Ver.)
Bloodrush -Fever Mix-
Caramell Dansen -DjK31 Remix-*
Solaris (Album Cut)

*And yes I'm planning on a Caramell Dansen remix @_@

Posted by DjK31 - May 11th, 2008

I'm planning to make an album of the FL songs I'm making. This will be my first album, Poison Ivy (Biologix was an "album"with unfinished Cubase songs :/). It will probably include 10~ songs including the upcoming Coma, Poison Ivy, and Bloodrush (DjK31 remix).

That's all :3

Posted by DjK31 - April 23rd, 2008

I'm back with a whole bunch of updates.
Well I decided to use FL instead of Cubase, due to my lazyness of getting my protection device back >_>
I've made tons of more songs now, and I'll be uploading them soon :D
(also don't click on my website link, it's been hacked and I can't remove the link o.O)

Posted by DjK31 - January 18th, 2008

OK I'm not using HALion or FL demos anymore.

Anyway thanks to jacobthecw I got new VSTs like Z3ta+, Toad, AM Freehand, and Pro-53 ^_^

*current songs in pregress*

The Crusader - Light trance track/~150BPM
Angelslayer - Sharpnel-like track, only with no vocals :P/~190BPM
TsurrendergamusH - Remix of Familyfarce's Tsu-gamusH series/165BPM
Dimentia - HARDCORE GABBER/235-470BPM

Posted by DjK31 - January 8th, 2008

Random post ftw o_o

Oh and currently making new songs and about to upload a couple that are still old -_-